Imagine a personalized hotel reservation tool with your best-interest at heart.
Look no further… here are a few reasons why you will never go back.

Trusted Reviews.

"It is my first trip to Rome. How do I choose from over 1500 hotels?"

Ok, you just short-listed the 4 and 5-star hotels in the city center… that narrows it to 250 hotels. Now, off to another site to check reviews. Who are these people?

Friends are a great source of inspiration for books, movies, music and restaurants and we believe the same holds true for hotels and travel. When conducting a search in a new destination, the application presents hotel results in the order of those frequented and commented on by the members of your social network. And presented with a manageable list, you can quickly review comments and contact some of the people you know best.

The Call Button.

“It’s the Wednesday before a long holiday weekend. Looking for a place in the country, not too far from the sea and everything is booked.”

Some of the very best and most memorable hotel experiences are unexpected. They occur in quaint hotels that are largely off the radar. And even those charming hotels that can be found on via online travel agents either close their inventory, or refuse to accept reservations with less than 48 hours before check-in.

Hotel.Mobi won’t present a hotel without providing its direct telephone number, affording you the convenience of calling to confirm availability and reserve… or even to ask directions.

Personal Touch.

“Help… I want someone to recommend a hotel in my price range that I am going to love.”

Our personal travel experts consult your reviews and recommend hotels based on the past experiences you enjoyed, while eliminating possibilities that resemble those you did not. This active participation on behalf of our travel experts is what one would expect from a traditional travel agent… and something that has been lost online, until now.

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The generous “1 room night award for every 10 reservations” loyalty program tracks your progress automatically and suggests rewards options in an easy and intuitive manner. Don’t worry, this is not like those frequent flier miles the airlines never let you use.

Convenient “single-click” selection and reservation confirmation, native mobile wallet technology, and enhanced filtering and favorites management are only some of the many reasons why once you discover Hotel.Mobi, you’ll never go back.