Introducing the social network-based, smart phone application that enables you to distribute directly to travelers through a rapidly growing channel -- at the lowest possible cost.

2011: More Smartphones than PCs.

The Time to Embrace Mobile is Now…

Device Shipments Source: The Economist, "Beyond the PC", Oct 8, 2011

2011 is the first year that smartphones have out-sold PCs… and the number is expected to grow. Moreover, much of the population in developing nations will access the internet for the first time with a mobile device having never used a PC. Mobile has become every bit as important as any of your other channels and will only become increasingly so.

A New Distribution Partner

Thanks to the active participation of mobile telephone operators, the Hotel.Mobi application will come pre- loaded on new smart phones and will be featured in App Stores so as to encourage download and use by current and pre-existing mobile phone customers.

Lower Distribution Costs

Lower Distribution Costs

The migration from online search to “the mobile app” means that the Mobile Travel Agent is less dependent on costly Google Adwords than his online travel agent counterpart. And this reduced dependence is one big reason why the Mobile Travel Agent is able to charge lower commissions.

Furthermore, in addition to being one of your lowest cost distribution channels, Hotel.Mobi also allows you to avoid the heavy cost of developing and maintaining various mobile platforms required for each mobile device.

Unmatched Conversion Rates

Hotel.Mobi provides travelers with a shortlist of hotels most frequently visited by members of their social networks and allows them reserve online, or by telephone. That’s right… this is viral, word-of-mouth marketing of your hotel at its best. And while most online travel agents prevent direct contact between the traveller and the hotel, Hotel.Mobi has placed a convenient call button throughout the application, leading to increased conversion rates of 18% to 30%.

Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)

Proprietary technology allows Hotel.Mobi to track conversions on telephone bookings ensuring a low cost of distribution and a guaranteed return on investment.

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