About us.

“We are determined to put service back into the mobile travel experience."


The Online Experience

Somewhere along the way, booking a hotel online became a faceless, commoditized experience. Leading online travel agents offer travelers a wide-selection of hotels at discounted prices and extract hefty commissions from those hotels desperate to move inventory, but have never claimed to put users first.

Industry experts argue that travelers are motivated by price alone… that they will purchase from any vendor or channel offering the best price… and that there is “no loyalty online”.

We beg to differ.

The Mobile Travel Agent™

Hotel.Mobi matches the big players on price and offers travelers personalized service unique to the mobile experience.

"22% of hotel reservations are made by customers who are already travelling!"

Whether at home, or abroad, Hotel.Mobi’s “Trusted Reviews” offer valuable insight into the hotel selection process by presenting each user with a prioritized list of hotels that have been frequented and commented on by members of their social network.

The mobile platform also allows us to provide travelers in a new city with useful, location-based tips designed to add convenience to their stay, while making their experience unforgettable.

Generous Rewards Programme

We have negotiated privileged agreements with some of the loveliest and most delicious hotels on the planet and are delighted to offer travelers 1 free night for every 10 reservations made with hotel.mobi (rewards to be claimed at participating hotels in nearly every destination).

“Our ambition is to become the next and last hotel reservation application you ever use when traveling for work or pleasure."

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